We are a Polish company specialising in domestic and international horse transport. Our area of operation includes the entire European Union as well as Switzerland and Norway.


We have been transporting horses since 2002. We have already transported approx. 1000 horses and travelled a million of kilometres with them. We have two Renault Master vans for transporting two horses and two Boeckamnn trailers for two horses each vehicule. We can transport 1-8 big horses. Experienced drivers with necessary qualifications are needed for transporting animals work for us. We have GPS navigation and a GPS locator, which allow us to determine the accurate location of the destination. We have the required permit from the Veterinary Inspectorate, which is documented by an entry in the register of carriers on the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate website. Our documents are approved by the European Union for long-distance horse transport (transport lasting over 8 hours). We invite you to contact our company.

Horse Insurance

As a carrier we have a legal liability insurance which is valid, regarding the CMR restrictions, which means that the insurer covers the losses including the health impairment/death of a horse during the transport only if there was a road accident caused by the fault of our company. The insurance does not cover the accidents during the loading/unloading of the horse or other road accidents that were not caused by the fault of the carrier.