Terms of Service

  1. Horses are transported at their owner’s expense. The rate agreed upon before the service is provided cannot be negotiated after it has been completed.
  2. The payment for the service is made in cash after unloading horses at the destination.
  3. The Vendor pays the road tolls (motorway tolls, vignettes, tunnels). The Ordering Party pays for ferries, air transport, veterinary documents.
  4. The Client covers all additional costs incurred during transport, which are necessary for the horse’s well-being, such as additional stops or veterinary fees.
  5. We provide transport services after receiving a request for quotation at our e-mail address: arturzuchowicz@poczta.onet.pl
  6. Transport services are provided subject to the CMR conditions, which means that we are liable for the horse’s injury only in the case of a road accident. We are not responsible, however, for abrasions, cuts, bruising and other bodily injury resulting from the animal’s behaviour during the transport and while loading and unloading it. We recommend taking out additional insurance. We will be pleased to provide you with more information about this.
  7. Our company cannot be held liable for any delays caused by traffic jams, accidents, problems, which are not attributable to use and the resulting consequences for air transport, sports events and other obligations of the client.
  8. If there are any special circumstances for the horse, regardless of their character (such as the necessity of administering medication to the horse or problems with the horse, which might pose a risk to people and/or the animal), the client is obliged to report this before the transport.
  9. Our employees provide assistance while the animal is loaded and unloaded; however, the horse’s owner/caregiver is responsible for these activities. Our company shall not be held liable for the horse’s injuries incurred while the animal is loaded or unloaded.
  10. If a combined transport service is cancelled, costs incurred by the client are proportionate to the actual costs incurred.
  11. It is possible to sign an agreement for transport services.
  12. The rate for the arrival at the client’s location shall be the same as for the transport route.
  13. We do not rent our equipment, we provide the services ourselves.
  14. Horses transported by our company must have passports and required veterinary documents. All costs resulting from the lack of these documents shall be incurred by the client.
  15. To transport horses abroad, the client must ensure the following documents:
    • a horse passport with recorded vaccinations.
    • a Health Certificate (issued by the District Veterinary Officer)